Industrial Visit DB Corp (Dainik Bhasker Printing Press)

Report of industrial visit – DB Corp. Jaipur

Name of the department Advertising and Brand Management
Name of the activity Dainik Bhaskar visit / Industrial visit
Date & Day 21st Sep 2022/ Wednesday
Name of the faculty coordinator Ms. Gunjan Rawat

Department of Advertising and Brand Management of IIS (deemed to be University), organized an industrial visit to the Dainik Bhaskar printing press (DB Corp.) for Post Graduate and Under Graduate students on 21st September2022.,

The plant is located at Shivdaspura, Jaipur. This plant was launched on July 19 in 2019. There are 40 to 50 staff members who work there and control the machines and printing process and its functioning.
The whole process of printing is very interesting means first of all they introduce us to the big rolls of paper on which paper is printed. The paper rolls set on the shifting machine on which paper is attached to the rolling device with the double-sided tape. When it gets glued the printing process starts. Bundle of papers are printed 85000 per hour. The printing time of the papers is usually at night around at 1:00 am to 3:00 am. This paper contains 4 main colours which are black, pink, yellow, and blue. These colours are printed through a machine which came from a Linen company, Germany. The machines are fully automatic having capacity of 200lt to 1000lt. colour at a time. There is a attached device which separate papers according to the colour theme from left to right.
In the printing tower, all the images and texts get printed, then it goes into the folder and afterward it transfers for distribution. In the control room students exposed with the whole process of editing the colour and photo registration. One interesting fact is that during this process 300 copies are wasted, which goes to scrap and reused with eco-friendly manner.
The owner of this industry is Mr. Pawan Agarwal. Students were informed that the price of a single piece of paper is very high but the organization generates revenues through advertisements. Editing of photos and text is done at Head office, Jaipur which is situated at JLN Road. The entire printing press is dependent on heavy machines which need to be operated accurately with safety.
At this plant, Times of India papers are also printed because the Times of India printing press is not located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.