Laws of Branding

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This paper deals with the Principles/Commandments of Branding.           

Unit I: 

Introduction to Laws of Branding

  •       The Law of Expansion
  •       The Law of Contraction
  •       The Law of Publicity
Unit II: 
  • The Law of Advertising
  • The Law of the Word
  • The Law of Credentials
  • The Law of Quality
Unit III: 
  • The Law of the Category
  • The Law of the Name
  • The Law of Extensions
  • The Law of Fellowship
  • The Law of the Generic
Unit IV: 
  • The Law of the Company
  • The Law of Sub brands
  • The Law of Siblings
  • The Law of Shape
  • The Law of Color
Unit V: 
  • The Law of Borders
  • The Law of Consistency
  • The Law of Change
  • The Law of Mortality
  • The Law of Singularity
Essential Readings: 

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